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Just recently, actually for a few months now, the quality of posts and their content has gone downhill. By that we mean that some threads are being used for chats and questions suited only for the Spotters forum. There has also been a general level of daft and sometimes plainly stupid questions and observations.

We mods often filter out posts which are ridiculous and pointless, but somehow those responsible for them do not seem to grasp the logic of this forum's title and continue making crass posts. Lately, the number of posts being moderated, deleted or removed has risen to silly levels. This has got to stop.

A number of people have been banned in recent weeks for abuse and all manner of rule breaking and this will continue. For the latter go read what the rules are it will make interesting reading for many of you who seem to think that you are above them - you are not.

This forum is for posting interesting events at Airports including the development of and therein. It's also for relating that which is of interest in regard to Airlines at airports - the scope is wide but it should not be overstated. And lastly, it is for posting information of interest in regard to routes but NOT for advertising routes or procedures.

Finally, it is intended that it be ever professional. PPRuNe has a wealth of talent which is freely available from the Flight Deck and Cabin, thru operations and airline infrastructure. It is this that is of interest to the airline fraternity and those with a genuine interest in how it all works.

So, if you fit the above you are welcome. If, however, you fit into the category of a Walter Mitty or someone who thinks they know how to run an airline or airport better than those who can and do, you have our permission to go away to find another site where you fit right in. You will no longer be welcome here.

This moderating we do is for fun and we do have a wealth of experience between us, one is currently a Captain with a UK airline for example, but fun is not fun if we have to deal with idiotic posts or those people who have no idea how to debate a subject or those who can only emphasize their point by SHOUTING or giving abuse, naming people and slagging them off. It is off limits and always will be.

Its up to you now. We will show little tolerance so don't bother to contact us if your post has been removed.

Remember too, that there are far too many spotters question on this forum. You MUST address such questions to that forum. If you don't they will be removed.

It might also surprise you that we are also here to help if we can.

The mods
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