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I think Brian made a good point about JetBlue, EI should consider a smaller jet option. They seem to have left go of regional operations and focused on DUB and a little on ORK in recent years. But seeing as they only have bases in Ireland it seems unwise to not utilise regional airports more for both feeder traffic and short haul routes.

In fairness to RE they have opened a lot of routes from ORK giving us more direct flights. However the ATR is only going to get you so far. For example cities like Madrid would probably be better served by a smaller (99 seats) jet.

I don't understand why the people of Cork aren't more p'd off about the expenditure on a new airport that is only currently meeting the demand. A few weeks ago I was in the departures lounge early in the morning and couldn't help noticing how packed it was. I know it was near xmas and peak time but its new!!
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