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They can find out how to fly circuits, not go to Kandahar or Basrah and harp on about how important it is to pack a run bag so you can sprint away from a crash site.
Perhaps not the best comment with a certain anniversary coming up soon - you tw t!

Ah yes, the 'Special' guys. Who have spent the last 20 years telling everyone how difficult it is to fly on goggs. Or land on strips. Or do that 'complicated' airdrop that no-one else can do in case they find out it isn't really that difficult after all
These difficult jobs that anyone can do seem to have resulted in a certain C130K sqn being the most highly decorated in the RAF.

It would be nice if some of you J guys who are quick to dismiss what the most operationally experienced and qualified crews at Lyneham actually do, could be bothered to go and ask them to give you the benefit of 20 years of supporting ops.

I'm sure those crews can't wait for you to take over and release them from the months of deployements, often at short notice and in poor conditions, the constant threats and lack of support from the rest of the stn aircrew.

Or perhaps you just think it might be a little too difficult and demanding!!

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