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Originally Posted by Bexter View Post
Well good luck to you! It must be awful waiting to hear for so long. Often no news is good news though...

I've heard about this infamous 'Virgin Flair'?! Some have suggested that it is a trick question because Virgin are trying to get away from their previous elitist image of skinny, good looking blondes etc.

Also some have suggested its a genuine question about innovation and fun?!

Which one is it? I think if I was a recruiter its the kind of question you ask to see how prepared someone is to kiss serious a*se! Its not really a genuine question is it? Or am I reading too much into it?
hah hah! u don't wanna know what i said! well they kind of rephrased it to me... they asked ''how would virgin customers remember you?'' to which I replied after a small pause ''my beautiful smile!'' followed by a giggle. how cheesy! so yeah i did kiss arse but i did add i have a bubbly and friendly personality, i'm the sort of girl who will make conversation with a granny at a bus stop. also i have exceptional customer service skills and looking for a new challenge! (deep breath)

** I feel like I'm reliving my traumatising interview again!
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