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Question No joke!

Sundance. Please don't be so quick to assume everyone is an 'embarrassment' when you refer to 'we'. It's obvious you're functioning on something out of Jane's so just keep it to yourself.

Not following you mate! 'Jane' what does this mean???????
My comments are slatted squarely at the F-wits who thought it was a good idea to assign a helicopter for ship based operations without the basic equipment that will buy our soldiers enough time to get out if it ditches....... "Emergency Pop Out Floats" When I refer to the royal "we", I’m referring to the reputation of Australian's in general..... No matter what the cause of the event, basic oversights such as not having floats for maritime operations make us all look stupid on the world stage...... Our ADF leaders can do better for the health and wellbeing of our soldiers during non wartime operations like this.... I don’t see why they can't!!!!

If floats aren’t required for the movement of ADF personnel to and from a ship over water, then why does the SeaHawk and every other civilian helicopter undertaking over water personnel transport need them???? It begs the question doesn’t it?

You miss the point....
Not having a go at the Blackhawk's functionality.... or the fact that it is primarily used by the ADF as a battlefield UTILITY transport helicopter.....
But you've reinforced my point - it’s a battlefield UTILITY transport helicopter - not a MARITIME transport helicopter. If you're going to use them for this work, then equip them or use the Seahawk.
You se, I'm having a go at the twits who thought it was a good idea to utilise them for ship based "predominately over water" operations when they're not equipped with the basic safety gear that buys our soldiers time to exit the airframe before it sinks to depths beyond reach..... I don’t know the weight of these things, but I think it’s safe to guess they sink extraordinarily fast....
Our military boys and girls deserve better!
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