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So long Bingas

Originally Posted by B412 View Post
Sadly many of the lessons of the civil industry are not passed on to those in the military, such as HUET. (Although this training was available for military crews in the eighties.) Many ex military pilots with this experience also tend not to be involved with the now common 'civil military ab initio' and advanced training. Perhaps this should be encouraged. Maybe someone could enlighten this author whether CRM training and recurrency is a part of ab initio and Squadron training these days.
HUET possibly should be passed on to troops operating to ships as well. All passengers travelling offshore are required to undergo this training.

Judging by several of your comments that I have quoted above, you clearly have not ever served in an Australian military aviation unit. This leads me to think that perhaps you are not nearly qualified or enlightened enough to be drawing some of the conclusions that you have. To set the record straight:


All army aircrew have to be qualified and requalified in HUET every two years. To put it simply, if your HUET currency lapses, you're grounded until you requalify. As Super64 mentioned, all "frequent flyer" troops (i.e. all SO and most 3 Bde units) do the same training every two years as the aircrew.


Once again, if you don't do your CRM refresher every two years, no flying!

Switching my focus now to Sundance76:

Honestly mate, the whole idea of flying in a UTILITY helicopter squadron is that your tasking and role changes from one day to the next. Given that the Blackhawk is operated by the ADF primarily as a battlefield UTILITY transport helicopter, I suppose you can understand why they don't have floats.

Finally, to echo the sentiments of other pruners on this thread, Bingas was a first class aviator and top bloke. Rest in peace mate.

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