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Angry Aus military planners need to be strung up!!!

Very sad indeed!
....but where were the emergency pop out floats that Sikorsky equip the maritime version of the S70 with????
[email protected]#king nowwhere to be seen......
More lives lost due to Military planning incompetence..... Apparently we've run short on the appropriate variant for maritime operations...
Sure send the Blackhawks via ship to mobilise to Fiji..... But dont routinely operate them without appropriate maritime equipment from a ship.... Morons...
Does the term "Seahawk" ring a bell..... Certainly seems to with most other navy's throughout the world!!!!
[email protected]#k we're an embarasment!
Nowhere else do you see this shit accepted....
These guys families have got a pretty good liable case if you ask me......
Rant over!!!
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