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As per usual, the media are making out that the Black Hawk has a "dark history" of crashes. What crap. Do any of them do any research into these things, the hours they have flown, not just here, but the entire world wide fleet, the type of work they do, why they do what they do? NO........
They will get some "expert" who lurks around a dark place to come out and slag off the aircraft, the military, the manufacturer, the engineers who work on them, the people who bought them, anything to drum up a dramatic story, anything but the whole unbiased truth.
And for the record I'm not ex military, (was in the RAN for a few years a long time ago, back when a "stoker", the back-bone of the fleet, thought a "birdie" (and that term for me includes Pilots) was the lowest form of human life), and I am not a huge fan of mil pilots even though I think they are very, very good at what they do (catch me/kill me type of stuff).
I just think they don't get any credit for what they do for us and when things like this happen everybody jumps on the slagging band wagon.
IMHO the family of anyone killed in the military should be looked after for life in the same manner as the blood sucking pollies get after doing nothing more dangerous than a few years of polishing furniture with their bums.
Rant over.
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