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Broakenenglish: Every one is entitled to ther opinions I suppose but I think your comments about DECs can be applied to any crew who are not up to the required standards, whether it is more likely to be a DEC or anybody else is probably better discussed in another thread.

Frozen Turtle: the add I was refering to follows below:

Requirements for the position of Captain- B777:

• A minimum of 8,000 hours total flying time
• 3,000 hoursin command of multi-engine, multi jet or turbo prop aircraft above 55 tonnes MTOW
• 4,000 hours flown in multi-crew, multi-engine jet or turbo prop aircraft with MTOW of 10 tonnes or more, as P1 or P2
• Preference will be given to candidates with Boeing EFIS experience who will be eligible to undertake a short transition course
• Applicants must be available to join before their 56th birthday and should have experience commensurate with age

NOTE the " or turbo prop"

It can be found at:
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