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Rich is relative!

To a guy on a dollar a day I am Onassis!

Anyone remember Willie Sutton?

Willie was asked by the judge why he kept robbing banks. (He kept getting caught.) He simply replied, 'Because that's where all the money is!'

This might have something to do with why white men are a target in today's Nigeria.

Another small point is that a contractor's employees are meant to be looked after by that contractor and NOT by the contractee, such as Mobil. The contract is usually written so that all these points are covered in some detail.

It was instructive to watch the Shell convoy loading up at Port Harcourt when we had landed for a night stop. There would be a Toyota pick-up full of Mobile Police in the lead, two big Toyota buses in the middle and another Toyota pick-up full of Mobile Police bringing up the rear. If we hurried sometimes we could tag along in our little mini-bus. If we were delayed they were long gone, leaving us to travel the long, lonely and dangerous road to town all alone.

What can I say? Life is unfair and I should have tried harder in school and got a job with Shell? Something like that, I guess.

It can get really, really awkward when you are going to cost someone a whole lot of money, such as when you are badly hurt or seriously ill. It is not a good idea to be in danger of falling into a big crack between contractee and contractor in that case. Would you spend $50 000 just like that for a guy who doesn't really work for you? Some companies will but some won't.
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