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You obviously don't know Nigeria very well. Many of the terrorists kidnapping people right now may not have PhDs or gone far in school, but it doesn't mean they aren't bright (as opposed to just ruthless). One of the things that some of the more genuine ones are fighting for is the opportunity to have a proper education. I condemn their methods, but I can understand their anger and frustration.
As for having honest jobs if they're bright ..... In Nigeria that has nothing to do with anything. It's who you know. If you're not well connected, then you can be an Einstein but never have any opportunity. If one of your family has a good managerial job he will give priority to his own relatives over other, possibly better qualified, applicants. People over here buy qualifications. Hapless, girls have to submit to sexual advances from their educators to pass exams (sometimes maybe done deliberately to secure a pass they're not capable of, sometimes a bright girl will not have her exam results published unless she submits). It's awfully sad, but that's still the reality of life in Nigeria, where 75% of the population subsists on less then $1 a day. That reality leads the terrorists and those politically motivated and trying to force change, to think of all expats as rich and an easy target to get either money or publicity.
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