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Good question well put!

Who knows? Sure I miss Nigeria, parts of it. God knows why. It probably speaks to something or other buried deep within my tortured soul. Either it is that or else it is just being paid lots of money for not much work with a guy hired to walk around picking up after me, eight months a year.

I happen to like brooding deeply over questions. Hell, we spent enough hours propping up a mahogany bar working over various issues of little practical import for you to know that about me, NEO. It is one of my great weaknesses, along with being terminally indiscreet at times. It's not as bad as chasing little boys but it's not much practical use to me or anyone else either.

What I am doing now is pretty simple, just trying to get this JAR-ATPL. Why, you may ask?

1. It is the best way to get another job. Not so easy at my age; I need some credentials to be marketable as a pilot in my chosen, tiny niche. Why a job? I don't want to be a house-husband, which is a distinct possibility if I end up back in the village without immediate prospects.

2. It is difficult. If I get through this I will have achieved something. That's secondary but it is a factor, yes. It would be silly to think that would have an impact on anyone but me and my immediate circle, though. What, Upper Management shall commit collective seppuku with letter-openers upon learning that they invited me to take my act down the road when I am really Super-Pilot? I am sure NEO shall keep me posted on that one!

I have made some mistakes lately in choosing the path to the licence that have added needless layers of complication, difficulty and expense. I didn't do the right research and I was misinformed, perhaps even misled. That is just tough, eh?

In my postings here I have amused myself first and foremost. It has been a sort of continuation of some of those long, wet evenings we used to enjoy in Nigeria. I wish you all the best and hope that you might find something of use in making your own decisions about Nigeria and staying or going in my posts or at least have a shared laugh.
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