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Some news about the new boarding process starting tomorrow.

As already known, passengers will only get pre-boarded if they pay the £2 at the airport, for old bookings, or via the internet whilst booking a new ticket. You will only need to pay for the online check in if you make a booking after the 1st of November. For old bookings you will not be charged.

The boarding lanes will change at STN. One lane for pre board passengers. There will be a limit of 60 passengers able to use the pre boarding system. And there will be one queue for 'All other passengers'. If there is a passenger in the pre board queue without a valid 'token' they will go to the back of the other queue.

The manifest will list all the passengers who have paid for pre board so will know who to give the tokens to. Tokens can be collected at the ticket sales desks.

For passengers who have told Ryanair of a special assistance required such as wheelchair they will have their seats reserved for them on board and will be boarded last.

There are lots of other things changing but I can't remember them all at the moment.

I personally think its a great idea! LOL. Although it will make life SO much harder for gate staff who will get that much more abuse from passengers. And with the baggage allowance going back down to 15 kgs check in will be that much more stressful for the agents.
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