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You got a problem with that?

I like 'crass,' actually. 'Crass' works for me. Well, it's just so... crass!

You get the guy with the funny tee-shirt, hey, he's making a joke.

A Brit says something, you have to stop and think: 'What did he mean by that?'

You know how after a few pints you just have to say something like, 'There I was, blowing Gooks out of the wire with a .50 caliber, my bayonet between my teeth...' when some Brit says, 'That is a very interesting story' and you of course say, 'Thanks, buddy.' Six months later you find out he told you that you were full of hooey!

We use hand grenades. You use hand-tied flies. Hey, we both catch fish but your method is sort of sneaky, isn't it?

Actually, I think I have spent too long hanging around with Brits. I'm beginning to understand how they think! Too, of course I just HAD to run that 'Curate's egg' joke past that boxhead Training Captain, with easily predictable results! Blame that on bad company!

Maybe it's the food. I order a meal here and what I get served, are they taking the mickey or what? '4.95 for that!?' Then I look around and everyone else is eating the stuff so I eat it anyway. I get the uncomfortable feeling, though, that once I finish my meal, pay up and leave, all the other people in the place, who are only actors pretending to be there dining, burst out laughing.

Well, I guess the cops will be able to find the bus. It will be the one with the blue curtains, right? Or was it that big, new one? Anyway, it is good that no one was hurt.
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