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Originally Posted by concordski View Post
Bigaircraft: "...I would advise u to at least get a good few months of degree course behind you...he was told to re-apply after he had done at least some of his degree, so its definately worth your while..."

You say CTC suggested getting a few months of a degree? Worthless on paper, you could spend 3 months going out and never attend a single lecture. Decent work experience would demonstrate this better and earn you some . Don't just go through the motions of spending all that cash at uni only to drop out after 5 minutes just to prove a point!

You do not need practice at dropping out! They'll be looking for evidence of commitment and dropping everything just to go off on the latest adventure will achieve the following: "well, he/she is obviously a bit of a butterfly, realistically how long will they stick it?!"

Even if you stick it through 99% of a degree and then fold you've still wasted all that time/effort/money. Pointless. Counts for nothing until you get that scroll.

Either do it properly or don't do it at all! Discuss.
Well from what I heard from the guy who failed, he said that they had told him to come back in 6 months after he had done abit of his degree, so it's obviously not just the qualification they're looking at, i think its the life experience as well, I'm only going off what they told him.

With regards to you saying its a waist of money if you dont do it, I do admit that my opinion on whether its worhtwhile or not has been a bit skewed as I went to college in scotland, we dont have to pay for further education, but if your doing it in england or wales then i agree there is a question on whether just starting a course and not finishing it is a worthwhile thing to do. I think CTC told my friend to do at least 6 months of the course because he lives in scotland and it wouldn't be too much of a waste of money to do so. I agree I should have thought this one through

Still its up to the individual in question whethr they do it or not, and i maintain that having some further education behind you, completed or not can only help you...provided you dont drop out of course!
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