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Originally Posted by concordski View Post
Bigaircraft: "...I would advise u to at least get a good few months of degree course behind you...he was told to re-apply after he had done at least some of his degree, so its definately worth your while..."

You say CTC suggested getting a few months of a degree? Worthless on paper, you could spend 3 months going out and never attend a single lecture. Decent work experience would demonstrate this better and earn you some £. Don't just go through the motions of spending all that cash at uni only to drop out after 5 minutes just to prove a point!

You do not need practice at dropping out! They'll be looking for evidence of commitment and dropping everything just to go off on the latest adventure will achieve the following: "well, he/she is obviously a bit of a butterfly, realistically how long will they stick it?!"

Even if you stick it through 99% of a degree and then fold you've still wasted all that time/effort/money. Pointless. Counts for nothing until you get that scroll.

Either do it properly or don't do it at all! Discuss.
I don't think the idea that CTC had regarding doing 3-6 months of a degree before re-application is necessarily a bad thing at all. They are certainly going to want to see your marks and test results over the period in any case. It also certainly helps you in getting some university time under your belt if you do not get through the re-application process, in which case you can continue and complete the degree.

It also has to be remembered that credits gained throughout a degree stand for a period of time (in South Africa I think its 5 years or so), so within that time frame you can return and complete the course if so desired, often as a part time student if you don't have many subjects left. There are plenty people in the working world including the pilot industry who do this. Obviously, if you are nearly finished with a degree then it is certainly worth sticking it out and then going to CTC instead of dropping it midstream.
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