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Red face

Well its the end of the road for me as far as CTC are concerned. Had a really good and enjoyable day at Dibden Manor but I was not sucessful in my Stage 3 and am not being targetted for future selection. I must admit Im bitterly disappointed and would really like to know the reasons for me being turned down, even as a means by which to better myself for the future but as CTC say, they dont have the resources for it. As im sure the other fellas in my group will admit, we thought we did pretty well in the group exercises... not being too dominating or submisive and working well as a team so looks like, for me atleast, it was the interview that let me down. Ive lways said if I dont get into the CTC course ill try somewhere else but tbh CTC runs the most comprehensive scheme out there and employment prospects, from what ive read and heard, arent nearly as high with CTCs competitors.

All in all, however, its been a brilliant experience and I dont regret it whatsoever. I highly recommend anyone thinking of going for this scheme to do it, the benefits far outweight the potential loses
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