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Body Contamination by fumes or smoke

Originally Posted by Mervyn's Clowns View Post
This does appear to be Non Standard. As far as I'm aware the Immediate actions on most Commercial aircraft these days is to don the O2 Masks and establish communications. I can post the relevant emergency check list/QRH if necessary.

I still stand by my original post. As others have also mentioned, I hope that this part of the rumour isn't true, which was my concern.

The most important danger of the fumes/smoke in a confined space is the toxicity. The best way to protect your body breathing system is to stay out of the fumes/smoke or to have a protection (O2). The contamination done by the toxicity can incrase very quickly.
The inspection done by the capt in the cabine was certainly not a bad idea but the consequences could be worth as you expect before you leave the clean area(cockpit).
Opening the door of the cockpit especially if smoke in cabin is not particullary well located is still complicated to evaluate.
The most important aspect is to be prepared to cope with a rapid degradation of the situation.
There is no fumes/smoke without a combustion effect
The job done by the TOM's crew was well done but the "Jogging in cabin" was probably not really adequate.
Wich information was given by the cabin crew to the cockpit during this flight ?(colour/density/location/evolution)
How to evaluate the fumes/smoke and to communicate with the ckpt is not simple.
Good job TOm's Crew but protect your Nose first the next time.
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