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Unhappy Global Warming .... I've had enough (merged)

It's really quite simple ... for once.

The whole debate (though I use that term loosely) seems to be biased or more accurately anchored to one side. Surely someone, somewhere has to cool down the hysteria that is pumped out to the masses via the equally sensationalist media. I feel a great unease at having this strategic issue completely hijacked and exagerated to dangerous new levels to an ever more ignorant public. My most worrying concern is that lack of a viable "counter weight" that would help renogiate the pivot of the argument and thus dispense with some of the 'excesses' of the argument itself.

I realise that the lefties can get the media friends to help a scientist convery his personal message of impending doom and gloom. But what about the numerous people I've met most of whom are of a high intellectual and profesisonal calibre who dispute the ludicrous claims being spoon fed to the masses. Why can't they find a channel via which to communicate their opposing opinions or at least a more realistic appraisal of what's really going. In other words a good old fashioned ..... reasoned and informed debate by all?
Stupidity seems to a service industry in itself these days.

Such issues as the one mentioned above will have massive repucussions on our economy as it opens the flood doors to you know what, taxes. It only serves the socialist's dellusional agenda. I despair ....
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