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More pax security checks incompetence


OK BAA Stansted. You have screwed up the pax's half-term holidays by your bungling handling of security checks (see so many posts above) which meant that many missed their flights.

And then you have the barefaced cheek to come up with a ange of excuses like:

"It's the first half-term holiday since the new regulations" (ignoring the fact that they were in force during much of August, the peak holiday month).

You knew how many pax are expected each day.

The airlines have NOT increased their schedules this week.

And yet you cannot have the staff in place to process the expected numbers.

When will the airport manager and the security manager at Stansted finally be rumbles by those at BAA HQ and be replaced ? Or is it a case of "Never mind, their costs are within their budget, so that's alright then".
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