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Who wants to fly from Stansted?

Predictably, my posting has provoked the Stansted brigade into complaints.

I said: "Where people actually want to fly from (north of London) is Luton." That is based on the well-researched fact that Luton has the largest catchment area of any airport in the UK except LCY and Heathrow. It is also based on surface accessibility (the M11 peters out north of STN, and the rail link is a dead end), whereas the M1 continues past LTN to Milton Keynes, Northampton, the east Midlands and Yorkshire, and Midland Mainline/Thameslink serve the south coast, south London, central & north London, Bedford, Kettering, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, etc. There are also 6 National Express coach links to north, south, east and west.

I guess there are a few Essex men for whom Stansted is easier to access, but you can say that about Kentish men preferring Lydd. The fact remains that Luton is better placed, but has been severely disadvantaged by the accident of ownership.

I said "No airline actually wants to fly from Stansted"; possibly a slight exaggeration, but over the last fifteen years, most of the airlines now at Stansted chose Luton initially, but were either bribed away by BAA corrupt practices, or feared future lack of capacity at Luton caused by the uneven planning regimes covering these two airports. Go originally planned operations at Luton; Ryanair and TNT made Luton their London base until bribed into Stansted by BAA; Sky Europe preferred Luton, and FlyGlobespan is the latest in a long line to have to go to the wilds of Essex, despite preferring Bedfordshire.
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