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I know FR have major plans to increase the revenue per pasenger, but this is just a sneaky way of dong it, sure the tickets are "free", but now it's 5 euro for the card (per ticket, if you dont mind!), 3 to check in, 4 for the bag.....10 for the toilet, etc, etc.
But FR have never made any secret of this. They set out to gain market share by an unusual pricing strategy and they continue to do so.

To be honest the charging is getting out of control. Just tell me how much my ticket actually costs will all this crap and stop pretending Im getting a ticket for free, cause I'm not.
But the charging is entirely within control. They are doing what they said they would and we can buy or not.

Simple domestic example: Purchaser thinks that a [email protected] printer for their home PC is too expensive, so they buy an InkJet which also does colour Yaaay! Then they find out that it is considerably more expensive to run than a [email protected] printer. So they buy cheap inks for it which gum it all up and the unit breaks. The next time they see a cheap inkjet printer advertised they are less likely to buy as they know that what the manufacturer really wants to do is sell lots of ink cartridges at high prices. Some folks continue to buy cheap inkjets and throw them away and others buy more expensive printers that are cheaper to run in the longer term.

Sorry if that sounds like a child's lesson but I am just trying to show that folks only feel cross at FR because it has not been done in the airline game before.
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