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Are FR actually going to charge for priority boarding, or for the web-check-in or both?

It is not actually stated that they will charge for this...
"Those travelling with hand luggage only will also have the option to enjoy the double benefit of bypassing airport check-in queues and priority boarding at the departure gate by checking in on line for just £2/€3 per flight.

From 1st November, families with children will no longer be pre-boarded however they will have the option of online check-in and priority boarding if travelling without checked in luggage or priority boarding purchased at the airport if travelling with checked in bags."

I THINK what is being said here is "it is possible to buy priority boarding at the airport, if you have checked-luggage, or if you dont, you can do this on-line or at the airport" So I think that OLCI on longer gets priority boarding?

To be honest the use of english is dreadful, the only thing that is clear is FR are yet again charging us for a service we never kenw we wated or had! I know FR have major plans to increase the revenue per pasenger, but this is just a sneaky way of dong it, sure the tickets are "free", but now it's 5 euro for the card(per ticket, if you dont mind!), 3 to check in, 4 for the bag.....10for the toilet, etc, etc. To be honest the chraging is getting out of control. Just tell me how much my ticket actually costs will all this crap and stop pretending Im getting a ticket for free, cause Im not.

It really bugs me that when I do my shopping Morrisons(or anybody else) charge me NOTHING for my £10-£15 of shopping yet FR, EI, WW, BD, et al see fit to add on a chrage(and let me tell you, the fare is NEVER £10-£15, once all those "taxes" are added). How the hell does it cost them so much? And why do high street retailers absorb the charges?
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