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Paradise awaits all CHC employees in PH

CHC have purchased an old compound on the East West road. They want to move all residents there and to vacate the current accommodation in the Areta estate. The East West road is well known for robberies, hijackings, muggings and is an area to avoid particularly during the hours of darkness. The compound has not been used for some time. I wonder why? The compound would in effect be a prison camp because it would not be worth the risk to venture out except to go to work with an armed escort. Two nights ago when the engineers late shift left work they had to take a detour out of NAF base due to gunfire from the direction of the East West road. The CHC expats are dead against the move and already the first pilot is about to change employment as a result. Yesterday the recently employed security officer attempted to persuade the expats that their fears were groundless and that they had nothing to worry about. He failed so miserably that he in fact persuaded them of the complete opposite. In a poll held afterwards there was a resounding vote against the move.

What will the CHC management do about it? Any guesses?
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