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Foggy Bottom;

Canít comment on Bristow saying they had more qualified candidates than you (donít know your background and experience) but know that they have been giving people type ratings and the fact that they are short of people it seems to me they might just been telling porkies.
Have a feeling that the bonus system they have for their managers causes them to be very reluctant to invest in the right people and rather go for the cheapest option. The same thing seem to make them very slow in reacting to the exodus by offering 6-6 and proper pay for the living and security conditions. If you know that Nigeria is the best paid place in the world for Shell employees why do Bristow pay their people less than on their European Operations?


You hit the nail on the head again, by my limited experience (compared with yours) in Nigeria, I canít say I can see things getting better in the short term and feel that the oil in a way was a poisoned gift being the cause of a lot of their troubles.


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