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Chuks is too much of a survivor to reply. Take what you said
What actually made you leave this place then? A man with that kind of intimat
, reorganise into another well-known phrase, What actually made you leave this place then, a man? Bristow management pick some strange (mis)managers (think of Le Viscomte) which causes all manner of good men in Africa to depart. Now their chickens are coming home to roost and they can't even man aircraft any more.
There are numerous rumours that Bristow will change to 6/6 and/or 8/4 soon, plus an increase in local pay. Maybe they think that will cause people to join them in the hope of it happening, then they don't actually have to do it. Nothing would surprise me any more with the way companies are run in Nigeria. However, if they do change rumour has it that quite a few CHC may start sniffing at their door rather than enter the doors of the houses in the dreaded East West Road. Areta will be a new Bristow haunt - though CHC won't visit as it will be too dangerous to leave their fortress (I hope it will be a fortress if they're really going to move there ). Still, when they have replaced all the old trouble-makers from Schreiner they'll just have a load of awfully nice, shaven-headed, terribly naive replacements who won't know any better.
As for Caverton, the writing is on the wall. Looks like they're trying to make the CP the scapegoat for 2 of their helicopters being grounded - couldn't possibly be the Ops Director, Technical Director or MD could it? They'll soon have even more pilots with no local knowledge or experience blundering around single-pilot with nobody knowing where they are.
The airspace in Nigeria is getting more dangerous as all the companies are setting people lose with inadequate local knowledge or training and statistically it must only be a matter of time before it's going to lead to a nasty. We've already had one helicopter land in the Shell RA without even knowing that's where he was and a significant number of the pilots flying in Port Harcourt now either don't know or don't care about the procedures in place, despite the fact that they've been NOTAMed. Glad I'm on me bike.
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