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For T1 & T3 you can expect an average of 1 hour to get through security at peak times, it seems illogical though as it varies from day to day. As I now often spend an hour to check in & an hour to get through security, I have cancelled my exec lounge pass & no longer use airside shops, due lack of time.There is no pleasure whatsoever in starting your trip from MAN.
It is frankly appalling, recently passed through a very busy Hamburg, Barcelona & Dusseldorf-all with ZERO security queuing times.Add this to the minimum 1.80 charge to pick pax up, being shortly introduced under the laughable guise of "safety" & "security".
Its certainly making EZY & RYR flights from Liverpool alot more attractive. Do they really think business men on short flights are going to put up with these huge wait times?
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