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Originally Posted by Duckbutt View Post
I repeat, we are just a bunch of guys who are no different from each other but happen to live in different parts of the island so why the disrespect?
Now there is where you and I part company. We are different, and vive la difference I say as that is what makes us who we are. Not all people on these isles identify first and foremost with the concept of the Kingdom of Great Britain nor the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Like it or not, it's a fact. Should you examine our countries and their peoples closely you'll find we probably have as much in terms of differences as we do in commonalities.

Sure we've shared a monarch for 400 years and a parliament for 300. Fought wars together as allies and built a once great empire from which we all benefited. But the project to turn the Scots into the North British and the English into the South British was tried and funnily enough failed, on both sides of the border. Our union has been more political and economic in nature rather than in social and cultural terms. Indeed, it is the social and cultural aspects in which we differ most. However, the creation of a Scottish Parliament may see those differences creeping increasingly into the world of politics and economics as time goes by.

You mention the "concept of small nation states", which I guess you would class as including Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, all of whom have populations like Scotland's of less than 5 million and all fully fledged members of the EU, UN and in some cases NATO in their own right. Less worthy peoples/places than the big boys like England? Please... yes they are part of larger organisations but that in no way means that they then assimilate the larger members of aforesaid organisations to the extend their identity vanishes into thin air and they all turn into, in this case, Europeans with nothing of their former selves remaining.

Come for a visit sometime, you'll see the same applies here.
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