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Considering you're moving don't waste your time, money and heartache. It does seem like a bit of a messy situation alright.

Here's an idea; get the the Management Co/Residents Association write a very strong worded letter to the farmer setting out your grievences and what you want done. It may be unlikely however that he will respond to this request. If so I suggest writing another letter to said farmer saying you have gone to a solicitor and you are threatening court. I find that when people see the words 'court' they tend to listen to you, and they are less likely to try to call your bluff. The iceing on the cake in my opinion would be to include in the letter to the farmer the fact that his use of the land for grazing is in contravention of the planning, and that you (the residents) are more than willing to bring this to the relevant authorities attention should he not co-operate.
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