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Putting it as straightforward as one can without wishing to descend into a Scots vs Angles 'hamster wheel', respect is best given and received on a mutual and basis, i.e. if you give it, you get it.

Sadly that is not often the case in these Isles and the animosity that is often found in place of respect can be seen on all sides.

For example, the 'Anyone But England' camp's knee-jerk Anglophobia can be seen as a direct response to the perceived insistence by some elements South of Gretna that allegiance to England, as the senior and dominant partner in the UK, should be given automatically and without question. They are simply two sides of the same coin.

I suspect that mutual respect 'twixt our countries will only be achieved when both go their separate ways, a bit like siblings who never really got on as kids, but who come to relish each others company as adults.
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