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Memo to all the policemen, in whatever country, reading this thread......

Doesn't it worry you that the respect of the, by and large, law-abiding "respectable" members of the community have, over the past decade or so, lost an enormous amount of respect for the dangerous and admirable job that you generally do? Have you ever asked yourself why this is? Have you ever wondered if a member of the public would, in this day and age, support you in an emergency, or given evidence to put some crim away, still do so? Do you not have a concern that most folk are getting really pissed off that they seem to be copping the brunt of "law and order" when the obviously real crims seem to walking away with nothing more than a slapped wrist?

If you haven't wondered about those things then you really, really, really ought to be. Politicians set the rules, Chief Constables promulgate them but the coppers on the beat (is there still such a thing?) administer them. Therefore the individual copper can make a change - or are you too afraid of diminishing your chances on the corporate ladder?
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