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Originally Posted by SA242 View Post
Hi guys, well done to all of you who got through and are off to NZ. Enjoy it!

I need a little directional orientation to Bournemouth if someone could help. I am going to be coming through at the end of the yr after I eventually finish my degree, for stage 2 from South Africa. What is the easiest way to get down from London. I was thinking the Southern train service through Clapham Junction? Do I get off at Christchurch or Bournemouth station? Any help appreciated....


Go to Waterloo. From there you can sometimes get a train which stops in Christchurch, but more frequent are those which stop at Bournemouth. Christchurch is a couple of miles closer to CTC, and would therefore save you a little in taxi fare. It's sometimes easier to get the train to Bournemouth, and then catch a local train back to Christchurch.

Good luck!
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