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[QUOTE=TheInquisitor;2827894]The K is a damn sight more hardy and reliable than the J out in the desert, what with your plastic props and all. So over the course of a week or two, we shift as much freight as the plastic pig, if not more.

I'm afraid I don't agree with you there - having flown tours on both aircraft( I premuse you can't say the same & are therefore only talking from hearsay & ignorance) I've found the J to be far more reliable - I used to break down all the time in the K, 'sadly' the J has proved far more reliable! That is my personal experience of course.

Specifically in the desert, I've been impressed how the J has kept going despite all the hard use, although the paint finish has suffered, the 'plastic props' have not given any bother to my knowledge, & I understand that in long term use they are no more susceptible to damage than the old metal ones, another case of 'anti-J mythology' I'm afraid.

Let's be honest here, the sun has long since set on a fine aeroplane which can no longer keep up in the 21st Century, but it has a worthy successor - The K is dead, long live the J'!
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