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Ok here goes. I just know that the nasty man ABIW will shout at me again and demonstrate his literary genius by playing games with my name.

I think the boy may have been referring to the T2 folk on stars. Have'nt looked myself for quite some time but I'm guessing there's some reference to them being..........................dare I say it. SF. Just a guess. I could be wrong. Don't get lairy if I am. It's not a personal insult.

No ABIW. No appology from me. I know the T2 folk have called themselves SF. I have heard it numerous times. FACT. Just because there are no direct references to it on here doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Again, that's not an insult to you and your peers.

As for the height reference. We all know that the herc (no matter what variant) looks enormous when it's over yo at 250' so I'm sure our man was mistaken

Standing by for barrage of insults from numerous J peeps. Hoping in vain for some witty banter.
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