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Originally Posted by Always_broken_in_wilts View Post
Deary me Scapula,

What the chap actually said was " Apparently the pilots were SF ones, well the Hereford lot used to go out with them" which sort of implies that cos the guys regularly flew the mexicans he assumed they were an SF crew

So just remind us where a "J" guy on here has ever said they were SF........nah did;nt think so

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Thanks for correctly quoting me there. As i said im a squaddie looking after the fuel that you guys fly on. It was told to me that the single herc out there, at the time, was the "SF flight". And majority of the time it was carrying the long-haired blokes around in it. I occasionally witnessed the aforementioned J flying over the BFI, at night, at about 30 fecking feet so i assumed they must of been SF pilots. But anyway they impressed me, being an outsider. The only time i have come across a K SF herc was in Bosnia 2004 (after my Afghan tour) and it was definitly SF.
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