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Agree 100%. For justice to work it has to be seen as fair. If folk think they're being screwed then they won't 'buy in' to the system. That is how I feel about it anyway. My view of the Police has changed although I acknowledge they are not the sole cause of the problem. It IS the cops tho' who chase you for the confession and generally are a pain in the ass to deal with.
I've gone from having admiration and respect for a Police force that I felt I could count on- to indifference or contempt for a bunch of lazy f*ckers who spend half their day pissing on folk who are just like themselves in almost every regard, when they could be out catching crooks. Lets face it- everyone speeds! It's only a question of degree. So the same cop who lectures you about the anti-social menace you've become -by doing 35mph in a '30'- probably does the same or worse himself on his way home.
As for doing 159- or worse, 90 in a 30 or whatever it was- Aaaach!
Sanctimonious hypocrites the lot of 'em.
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