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Well said FL, put it better than I ever could. Three times in court is disgusting. One can only assume the magistrates were paralysed with fear as something unusual had presented itself and they didn't have a clue. Maybe they were hoping when it came back somebody else would be on the bench.
Originally Posted by Unwell_Raptor View Post
Once he pleads guilty, that's it.
Nope. No. Once the camera take the picture, that's it.
Originally Posted by Unwell_Raptor View Post
On the facts above I might have acquitted him, or at least given him a discharge.
You might have aquitted him? What the **** does that mean?

What might have caused you to dispense mercy? You know the 'facts above' so what else matters? Whether you got laid that morning? Whether you turned up to work pissed? Whether you were trying to impress the chief magistrate who you know didn't like motorists so you got a better position yourself? What the **** does might have acquitted mean when you know the facts of the case?
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