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Everyone Is Welcome. Well, Almost


With the crew shortage beginning to bite bygones would probably be bygones. Of course all would not be forgiven or forgotten, just stored away until supply outstrips demand again. So you guys would be OK for a couple of years.

Chuks however would have to re-enter a much more exclusive club, with a boss who wants him back but a boss's right hand man who would proabably suffer a stroke if he appeared. Sorry-oh, I bet you are gutted


No offence mate, but I don't think there is ikely to be an exodus across the road. 6/6 is still a big draw and despite efforts to improve it Casa Woji will never shake the reputation it got before anyone even moved there. Location, location, location, as realtors/estate agents say. The worse that could happen is CHC moving to somewhere like it and that would just mean everyone is in the same boat.


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