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Firstly, I'm not sure that he did drive at:

'extremely high speeds outside the usual terms of such "training", in that he made the decision to take out a new car by himself and gave it a good thrashing in inappropriate circumstances and got caught'

What were the requirements to have training authorised at that time? None I suspect, the same as in my force. His decision to go out alone? Probably more that he was posted alone. (The issue of him being off duty is I understand rubbish). He gave the car a thrashing, yes, he did, thats the idea of the excersie. It's the only way to learn the ability and handling of the vehicle at all speeds.

Again, I refer to the former advanced course instructor, who said there was nothing dangerous about what he did, in other words, he was doing what he was taught.

You say you have first hand experience of Police advanced driving, then you would of course know that.

His prosecution was undertaken with the full agreement of his forces PSD, not the CC. The CC is the disciplinme authority and as he may have had to hear a discipline case against the officer, could not have had any dealings with the case before hand.

I can't speak for your friend who was convicted, I know none of the facts surrounding it beyond what you said.

There is legislation conerning low flying, as you are obviously aware. There is also legislation and case law in connection with Police vehicles and training at speed. You are therefore comparing apples with pears.

It may have been that he was as has been implied by some, playing. If it was the 10th time he had booked the car out, then yes, I'd agree, but it wasn't it was the first, so yes, I give the guy the benifit of the doubt, and until there is something that shows he wasn't doing what he should, famil, then I will assume he was, in the same way I would have done.
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