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Hi everyone,

ASG Learjet program does not exist anymore, the company closed down.
I am just givin details about my own experience, that was good. I did my initial training in Oklahoma, then went to Florida to fly a Learjet 25D FAR 25 which is not A SINGLE PILOT aircraft. It was an air ambulance operation. I Had a very good experience flying it...a lot hand flying, captain's were very nice and keen to teach you. As a co-pilot you were responsible to make sure everything is ready for the flight.

After a year I stopped because it was time for me to move own. I dont know about other people who had bad experience with ASG, but everyone in my group did make a lot of hours including myself +700. I don't think they have any agreement with any bank. that is your own responsibility.

I hope this answers all your questions and once again I am not one of Otto's relative under different nickname. This is just my experience, that is it!!
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