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American Support Group is based in the U.S.A. and mr Otto V. is the C.E.O. of it. The address posted on the website is a "local" contact number this is why the company doesn't show up in the Dutch commercial register. Now why would you base your company in the US if you live in Europe or more specific the Netherlands...Well the reason is easy Mr & Mrs V. are both receiving wellfare in the Netherlands.. Apart from the moral question what kind of people would misuse the wellfare system I finally found out how they're able to buy Burberry handbags.


I must admit I did not do my homework about the learjet and have to admit you could be right that the later versions are FAR/JAR 25 multi pilot aircraft.
But if that was an invitation to take a look next time I'm in (BAH) if that's we're you're based I'll be happy to take a look.

As far as Mr V. is concerned I'm happy you got true the program with the hours that he promised and you got a job. The thing that interests me personally why o why did you go through this agency/broker if you knew the history of it. Or if you didn't know if you did any research about it.

The question about the bank and ASG(-JET)...Now I was just wondering if ASG had a account manager with a bank that takes care of the bank loans for students. In the Netherlands it's quite common for a flight school/academy to have an account manager at a bank (I.e. ABN AMRO, ING etc etc) that is specialized in loans for (wanabee)pilots . This way you can tell if the students are able to pay off the loan after their study so you know this school must have a good track record.
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