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Bonus has been paid to AK staff last week. Or so I've heard.
People are just too uncomfortable with AK's rate of growth. I can't blame them as no one has seen this kind of success before especially since so many look down on AK since it started operations. No one thought they would survive because 'the domestic market is too small'. But they came in and created a totally separate market for themselves and making money from it. Admit it, AirAsia is responsible for making millions of people in Malaysia realise that MAS could and should do better. After nearly 50 years of existence and nothing much to show for apart from having the best cabin crew, maybe now we get to see MAS turn into an airline to be really proud of. Forget about egos. The smaller brother can sometimes show the bigger brother a thing or two about doing business.
AirAsia has showed what they could do the past 4 years. It is actually a start for them, not the end. Critics which forecasted them to fail in 2002 are still preaching the same now
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