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Not all is bad

There has been numerous inevitable comparisons of MAS and AA in this forum, more so since both are competitors, but I felt that comparing micro events in isolation to make sense of the beat in both the organizations often takes off at a tangent and often misses the central point, ‘presence or absence of adequate management leadership’.

We are what we are today for better or for worse is because of the leadership we were under. My opinion explored a plausible explanation so that we can move on. GTR-34, I would like to think that the government has put MAS on the right track. No carves. Remember, a 30+ year odd old culture is hard to unwind. On a fast track it may require a revolution which would certainly cause an upheaval in the organization. The MSS/VSS is one product of it. Mr, Idris Jala has his vision and has fought hard get things his way and has shown his determination in recent battles. There a lot of good people in his organization. Some of them share the constructive opinions in this forum.

AA started off with a clean slate. With some good help Tony sculptured the culture required for his model to survive and grow. He too is a determined battleship. There is no doubt he draws mostly admirers and some detractors.

As an observer on the sidelines it is interesting to see the two brands fight their cold war. It is an indication of the vibrancy of the brands and their leadership. Imagine if they were to cooperate and take on the rest of the world. The competition is out there-global. My best wishes to both of them.
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