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Crab, This is not the first time you have mentioned the 360 degree radar.

On the 6th Oct on the Military Forum you said…

”The interim contract for 2007 (for the 4 flights that MCA run using Bristows helis) is under negotiation at the moment and the clever money is on it to provide the blueprint for a full UK SAR contract in 2012.
The main bidders, to my knowledge are CHC who are offering a full package of different aircraft to meet the differing area requirements and have thought through the need to train pilots if the military stops doing SAR and Bristows who have offered more of what they already provide - S61s on which they claim they can fit a 360 degree radar by the tailwheel”.

The MCA tender was still under discussion at that point and the details should have been confidential, clearly there must have been some leaking going on, perhaps from Crabette, or should we use her initials NS ?
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