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The coasties do go inland, it's secondary to their primary tasking. No limitations on what they do and they do a good job at it when they do. They have to train @ Safe single engine limits but no restriction on a SAR mission...this is where performance pops up. The 61 pretty much has the equivalent to the Mk1 Gnome, tops out @103.4NG and the Tq's are in 'watch your job' territory @ 103% matched twin. For a machine that starts out @ an average 16200lbs ZFW that doesn't give it much performance in hand. Needs a Blackhawk for the hills. Oh, the 92 is a close family member!
Which bits are not to your liking?? You'd like to say all of it but sadly I doubt that you can honestly. I have some very sound inside knowledge I'm sure that SARowl on the South Coast will agree in time that it's pointless ranting over the foul injustice of ousting Bristows for a yet 'unproven' bunch of cabs. What was the 61 @ the start of it's career 4 DECADES ago?
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