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Is Airbus still sticking with bleed air for the A370 as they did with the A350. The engine manufacturers and Boeing believe that Bleed air is an inefficient way of pressurising and de-icing an aeroplane - Airbus appears to know better.


You'd be aware of the spate of landing incidents involving A340-600s - eg Thai in Melbourne and Cathay in Sydney (new landing gear required) to name a couple. South African Airways made a decision a number of years ago to go all Airbus and have been replacing their B744's with A346's. It appears that they did not think about the problems in landing this beast in JNB. Ground staff in JNB are saying that A346 landing incidents and/or go-arounds (not only SAA aircraft) are almost a daily event and it's putting the wind up even seasoned travellers. Give me a Boeing anyday.
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