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The last word?

Sorry to bring this up again folks but this sort of thing really gets in my craw!

Mr Dromey, on the 16th of April wrote; 'Crews are all poorly turned out and trained.'

After my post pointing out this was factually incorrect, he wrote; 'Untill then I stand by every last one of my opinions, observations and statments.'

On the 17th April he wrote; 'I have never called into question the issue of safety on any easyJet(or other airline) flight, I do not know enough about the safety standards imposed by the relevant authorities...and the airlines involved. To do so would be highly unfair and irresponsable on my part.'

Later he wrote; OK, for the final time, I never knocked the safety aspect of U2s' training.

But you see Mr. Dromey, you did knock easyJet training. You said; 'Crews are all poorly turned out and trained.'

If you would care to retract that statement regarding training then you will most certainly have the last word.

If, as you say, you don't know enough about safety standards etc, then why mention such things in the first place? Ifyou do not know what you are talking about Mr. Dromey, then why be unfair and irresponsible, as you say, and post here at all?

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