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Fellow Weberites,

My first was a tricycle 22.5" red enamelled basic-as-you-like job. Still had it up til last year when the (now ex-)wife decided that being married wasn't a good thing. It would have had its tenth birthday this year.

It was so good, I augmented it with a 22.5" Platinum, that had a much better ash receiver and a four wheeled cart attached, with work surface. Fantastic.

Also got a Smokey Joe for $hits and giggles at the beach.

However, now I actually live in the land of their provenance, I am fortunate enough to own the "Performer". This is is the crowning glory of all Webers. The BEST ever. Basically it is the same 22.5" kettle, charcoal burning man-toy as previously. HOWEVER, the clever chaps in Palatine, IL, have incorporated a gas ignition system for the charcoal. The gas burner is lit for 5 mins or so, which gets the coals good and red, then just shut off the gas system and then leave the coals to go white. 20 mins later, ready to go. The Dog's Bollocks.

BEagle- RTFM. Coals go OUTSIDE the wire retainers for indirect cooking, does a great job of ribs, whole poultry etc, and uses even fewer coals. Some models have baskets the coals go in, and can be moved about. Tends to avoid burger>briquette syndrome.

Original Kingsford briquettes also the best. Would they be DAC?

The only bad thing is I can't get Walls' sausages!!

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