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One has been summoned here by the powers that be,namely Mrs Trellis of the IMCC,to resurrect the standard of MC play on PPRuNe to what it should be.

I trust everybody is in reciept of the latest addendums and adjuncts to Cribbit's and Stovold's,not to mention the latest notations from the great Ernest Fosdyke himself.

I intend to bring play back to an acceptable standard,as governed by the IMCC and hereby invoke a gambit last used at the now infamous '57 Barnsley showdown of Snoad v Blockspittle (Maj) where Snoad was actually helped from the room by the emergency services,foaming at the mouth after a great utilisation of northern line diagonals taking into account the Sunday closure rules which were then in force.This he acheived by 'tweaking' the line velocity with a brave use of the 'boghammer redux'.

I shall now re-invoke said gambit and take play directly to

Straits of Hormuz

This gambit has potential to seriously affect the oil markets for some time to come.
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