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Originally Posted by 16 blades
If everything is so great on your fleet, why is everybody leaving?
I think i asked the same about your fleet 24 blades.
Let me put it into perspective for you - an email came across to our side about an exchange posting with "2/3 six week detachments" per year and a K exec had written on the bottom - I suggest this post is only considered by single guys or married guys who want a divorce as its detached duty four months of a year.
This made us all realise how out of touch main squadron K guys are with how much time J guys are doing detached at the mo (four months a year on average). This is why guys are leaving and this is only gonna get worse seeing as we're already planned to do the majority of the Afg det no matter what RAF news would lead you to believe!
I really do hope some of your frames come back online soon just to ease the sanity of our side of the airfield by taking basra for another two weeks or however long you can cope this time!
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